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[fanart/fanfic] Yuri dump

Title: Yuri Dumpan
Author/Artist: xxcharyxx (chary9 on dA) 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): BelgiumxUkraine, Fem!DenxFem!Nor, Fem!ItalyxFem!Germany, TaiwanxFem!China, LiechxFem!Switz, BelgiumxLiech (fic)
Rating: R-17? I'm not sure, personally I'd put it at R-15, but I'm not sure how to rate naked non-explicit chibi's.
Warnings:  Naked non-explicit chibi's doing cute things. GirlxGirl, obviously. HUGE PICTURES. Fic includes mentions of bondage. 
Summary: Haven't posted in a while, so I decided I'd be time to dump some of hetalia yuri exchange related pictures here. Lots of pics, start of a fic. 

All these pictures were for different secret santa's. Posted in order finished (oldest to newest). Click on picture to go to corresponding deviantart page.

Cross posting from the main community. 
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always forever (usuk; hetalia)


So I'm starting a daily drabble journal, and one of the pairings I've chosen to write about is Hungary/Ukraine. :D

If you'd like to read the first part it's here. I will (hopefully) have more of it up tomorrow!

[fic] five plaits

Title: Five Plaits
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): fem!Canada-centric;; fem!France/fem!Canada, fem!England/fem!Canada, fem!America/fem!Canada, Ukraine/fem!Canada, fem!Prussia/fem!Canada
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: shoujo-ai, lots of kissing, genderbends everywhere,
Summary: The four times Canada has her hair braided, and the one time she does it for someone else.
Notes: Written for twoxten for the yuritalia_santa exchange, for the prompt: Any femnation/Fem!Canada -- hairbraiding

x-posted @ yuritalia_santa, hetanada, nyotalia, animusia, hetalia

"Listen, Canada, this is a time for feminism! A time of powerful women finally getting the rights they deserve, and of sexy woman being allowed to be sexy!"

[fic] in the market

Title: In the Market
Author/Artist: chromatic_coma @ animusia
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Fem!Prussia/Fem!Canada
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Humor
Warning(s): Genderbended nations.
Summary: Maddie Williams was in the market for a Halloween costume, but has she gotten a girlfriend instead?
Notes: Written for mochironnai for the PrussCan Secret Santa exchange.

x-posted @ animusia, hetalia, prussiaxcanada, nyotalia

Suddenly it didn't matter that Tonia hadn't texted her back.